HIT follows a pedagogy that has a strong blend of both theoretical facets as well as practical gradation and hence enlisted amongst the Top Institutes in Uttarakhand.
Being one of the best institutes in Uttarakhand , a variety of methods are used to teach students. Lecture sessions are supplemented with case studies, individual and team exercises, live projects, assignments, seminars, presentations, business games, etc. Considerable emphasis is placed on team assignments, team discussions and team work.

The students are given assignments designed in such a way that they are required to apply their fundamental knowledge and reasoning ability to arrive at the solution. So, every attempt is made to expose and utilize the practical knowledge to the subject and the same is considered in evaluating the student's performance through test, assignments, viva, observations, interactions etc. Special focus is given to ensure that students develop a well rounded personality.


Various personality development and communication skills sessions are provided to the students on regular basis to supplement their hard skills with soft ones. Students are trained to develop case studies and write research papers, articles etc., which help them, not only develop theoretical knowledge and analytical ability, but also enhance their practical skill level. For ensuring Highest placements, the students are made to undergo discernible projects & assignments to unite the concepts taught in the classroom with the research work carried out by them so as to imbibe the idea into their way of life.

Classroom Lectures

Highly qualified and experienced team of faculty delivers classroom lectures. Students acquire theoretical knowledge of the concepts and theories of the concerned subject through classroom lectures. Lectures are customized according to the intellectual orientation and competence of the batch so as to optimize the learning process and maximize the teaching efficiency.

Practical Sessions

The practical sessions are ideal testing grounds for students to apply and test the concepts taught in the classrooms. Modern labs are an integral part of the various departments of the HIT. Each department maintains its specialized labs, well equipped with modern equipment of industrial standards.

Innovative And Relevant Lab-Work

For boosting the creativity amongst the students, challenging experiments are designed. The students give presentation on experimental work followed by open house viva in which they have to explain the findings and interpretations.

Workshops And Seminars

Workshops and Seminars are conducted on all topics to provide a platform for deliberation and knowledge sharing. Best industrial and corporate professionals are brought to the campus to bring the practical and application practices from the actual working environment and give extra input to the students on the current topics as well as the topics which are relevant to their area of specialization.

Guest Lectures

Besides qualified faculty, HIT, invites several scholars and experts from industry to deliver lectures. The students theoretical understanding is supplemented by a practical orientation by the leading professionals, who interact with the students regularly.

Case Based Teaching

This method of teaching is devised to facilitate the students to relate theory with the real world. The suitable cases to clarify the concepts learnt by the students are given well in advance for the students to come prepared with case analysis to be discussed in the class. The discussion held for the case-studies in the class encourages students to apply the concepts learnt, for problem solving / decision making in the face of reality and develops the interpersonal skills necessary for putting one’s point forward and listening to others in a group.

Group Discussions

Student participate in group discussions (GDs) regularly.

Role Play

This method of instruction is aimed at changing attitudes and behavior, in which students play designated roles relevant to real-life situations. This activity allows the students experience the dynamics of real life management situations.


At periodic intervals, the students are encouraged to undertake project work in their chosen subject under the guidance of their faculty guide. By the end of the course these enriching exercises undertaken by the students hone their presentation skills at par with the current job market scenario.

Project Work & Assignments

Projects are compulsory part of the curriculum at HIT. All students are compulsorily required to undertake project work and assignments and prepare the dissertations according to their curriculum. Project work offers the students an opportunity to specialize, in a given field of interest.

Brain Storming Sessions

These sessions are very much helpful to develop the problem solving ability of the students. These sessions are intended to reduce the inhibitions that occur in groups and therefore stimulate the generation of new ideas, solutions and opinions.



It's difficult to sum up the beautiful memories and wonderful experience of three years in few lines at HIT. I consider myself very lucky for being a part of HIT. All the professors are very helpful.They guided us all the time. I have cherished my wonderful days of life in HIT,which I will always remember.

Prakesh Panwar Taj Hotels

Himalayan Institute of Technology has always believed in helping and guiding its students and it was not different during the placement season too. Our placement officers also guided and encouraged me at each step thereby helping me secure my placement at such a reputed company.

Bhuwan Gautam WIPRO

Getting placed in a top IT company has always been my goal and Himalayan Institute of Technology helped me realize this dream of mine. Thanks to HIT without whose help this would not have been possible.

Abhishek Rana Infosis

I am very grateful to Himalayan Institute of Technology, its Faculty and Training & Placement Department. I find HIT is a big platform to learn business management.  HIT built my confidence that will survive always with me.

Kunwar Singh Sony

It's difficult to sum up the beautiful memories and wonderful experience of three years in few lines at HIT. I consider myself very lucky for being a part of HIT. All the professors are very helpful.They guided us all the time. I have cherished my wonderful days of life in HIT,which I will always remember.

Vijay Chamoli TCS

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