HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Hotel Management Importance of Communication Skills in Hospitality Industry

Importance of Communication Skills in Hospitality Industry

Importance of Communication Skills in Hospitality Industry

Importance of Communication Skills in Hospitality Industry- In today’s scenario, communication skill plays a very important role in all the aspects of life and career. The hospitality industry is a demanding sector that requires great communication skills to succeed.

HIT Doon Communication Skills

HIT Dehradun – Importance of Communication Skills in Hospitality Industry

Good communication skills are necessary so that you and others understand the information you trying to say more clearly and quickly. In contradiction, poor communication skills lead to misunderstandings, irritation, anger, and annoyance.

The BHM degree pays attention to enhancing communication skills by introducing business communication-related subjects to the candidates of bachelor’s in hotel management degree as well as diploma which helps to enhance their interpersonal skills. Effective communication skill also helps to achieve leadership in a company which inspires people to work and effectively achieve organizational goals.

Getting a job in this economic world can prove to be difficult for hospitality students without having good communication skills until and unless they don’t enroll themselves in a well-known and established top hotel management college of Uttarakhand HIT (Himalayan Institute of Technology) Dehradun where proper training is being provided to the students in terms of Communication, personality development, presentation skills, and group discussion.

A Glimpse of Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry comes in the service industry and 5 major sub-sectors which are food and beverages service, lodging service, tourism and transportation, events, etc are included in it. The main concern of the hospitality industry is providing products and services to people who are supporting the recreating the well-being of people. It consists of different activities but the main goal is to provide customer service and satisfaction to the customers.

Role of Communication in the Hospitality Industry

The capability to communicate effectively with colleagues, guests, and staff is the most important quality in the hospitality industry. In this new generation of electronic communication, no one should forget the most necessary skill of communication that is verbal and non-verbal, and one should emphasize and execute these skills in the hospitality industry.

Communication skills of the staff members are extremely important in a hotel in any circumstance even if they are not facing guests. A lot of hotels give training to their staff on how to interact with the guests even though it costs them a considerable amount. Effective communication skills are to be learned and do not come naturally so each one should consider training to enhance staff skills. Good communication skills give a great guest experience as it portrays that you are listening to your guests, solving their issues, valuing their feedback, and also hearing their messages.  

Effective Measures for Communication Skills in Hospitality

  1. Arranging Staff Training

Conduct a communication skill program that will help the staff members to communicate smoothly in any circumstances like complaints, queries, helping in menus, bills, and other procedures. The training should be given once a month so that they improve their skills and also motivate your hotel staff to communicate with each other in English.

  1. Listen to your Staff

Effective communication is a two-way process that requires the management to listen to their employee’s ideas and views. If the management does all the talking and they just order them to do things, then the staff tend to become inactive and slow. They need to listen to their staff as they are the ones dealing with the guests on a day-to-day basis. They might have new and better ideas to improve customer service. The best way to hear your employees is to conduct feedback sessions every week, listen to their inputs, and if they are good to take, it into action. This will keep them feeling engaged they would feel that their point of view is being heard.

  1. Training Your Employees on Attending Guests

Your staff members should know how to have good communication with the guests. There are times where guests complain about certain things by giving feed backs or verbally, at that time the member in charge to solve that matter must be well-trained so that they handle the situation calmly and wisely and try to hear the guests and resolve the problem as soon as possible. Matters can be handled subtly and with ease, if your employee has communication and listening skills.

  1. The Mirror Technique

The best way to effective communication is to communicate with the guests in their style and respond accordingly. For example, some guests make small conversations and some may be interested that the issue should be dealt with quickly and spontaneously. So, the employees must observe their guests and act accordingly as it is very important to see how you address your guest and how you deal with their complaints.

Importance of Successful Communication Skills in the Hospitality Industry

Below listed points describe why successful communication skills are important in the hospitality industry:

  1. To secure an interview:   A person with good communication skills would easily face the interview and is also very likely to get selected as well.
  1. To get the Job:   Employers are likely to prefer candidates who are fluent in their conversational skills. When hiring for a job in the hospitality industry this key skill becomes even more important. Any employer belonging to the hospitality industry would never prefer a candidate lacking in this essential skill.
  1. To advance in career:  A person can easily try out variety and diversity if he or she has a good hold over their communication skills. For such people, the road becomes a bit easier even when it is less traveled.
  1. To develop and build a good relationship:  Effective communication serves as a broad base on which a good relationship can be built. Communication skills play a vital role when it comes to the development of strategic alliances as well.
  1. To deliver satisfying customer service:   By having good communication satisfactory results can easily be obtained. When it comes to conveying something or solving problems, communication always helps.
  1. To create the first impression:  The first impression is not only essential but long-lasting as well. This fact automatically hypes its importance and gives it much more value. Creating a deep and memorable impact becomes easier with good communication.
  1. Build Confidence:  When aware of the skills, a person becomes much more confident in his delivery of words and works.
  1. Positive attitude:  As one thing leads to another, an excellent communication skill leads to positive behavior which also leads to positive thoughts.
  1. Improves coordination:  A person who can easily and efficiently convey their messages and work order is also supposed to manage the day-to-day activities in a lucid and more planned out way.


Hospitality Barriers that are removed by Effective Communication Skills

  1. Lack of Confidence :  Lack of confidence is the main problem that is faced by many members in the workplace. By communicating with one another and making the member more comfortable will help reduce the awkwardness and will lead to gaining confidence.
  1.  Being Unclear :  When it comes to effective communication one of the most common barriers is clarity. If the person having a conversation is not clear about certain things it will cause a big misunderstanding. By communicating effectively, one will be able to express things more clearly.
  1. Body Language :  Sometimes the body language does not appear to be coordinating with what you are speaking. It may give mixed signals to the person listening and create confusion but by effective communication, one can clear stuff and things can go smoothly.
  1.  Stereotypes and generalization :  Stereotypes and generalization may be harmful sometimes as they can affect accurate perception. When someone relates a person with stereotypes, they do not get a clear view about their thoughts which can be very worthy but this barrier can be easily removed by communicating with one another rather than making assumptions.



 Question1:  What is the benefit of effective communication?

Answer: It’s the ability to offer empathy, help get feedback, guests will be more open when they get to know they are being heard. By having effective communication, one will gain confidence and they will be more vulnerable and friendly and conversations would be much easier.

Question 2:   What is the main goal of effective communication?

Answer: The main goal of effective communication is to convey clear information and that the person listening has to understand the information. It will give clarity of thoughts and misunderstanding will reduce.

Question 3:  Why do you think digital communication is important in the hospitality industry?

 Answer: Digital communication is necessary for the hospitality industry to be successful. Digital is the new normal in today’s generation and every business in this industry that is aiming to build a good, bright, and successful future is building a great digital communication.


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