HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Hotel Management HIT Dehradun top Hotel Management college in Dehradun Uttarakhand – Hospitality and Tourism Industry

HIT Dehradun top Hotel Management college in Dehradun Uttarakhand – Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Hospitality industry is a very sought after field  as it covers diverse areas such as travel, accommodation, food service, conferences,  leisure and recreation.

Hospitality is an act of giving genuine care and kindness and friendly treatment to  guests or tourist. This field has grown over the years and has become an important industry all over the world.

Tourism& hospitality  sector  has become a major source of employment world over. Therefore hospitality industry plays a vital role in economic growth of our nation and creating job opportunities both in public and private sectors.

Dehradun being a capital of Uttarakhand is seeing lot of tourists flocking the city and higher reaches of himalayas.

There is a growing need for tourism and hospitality  management in our state. Thus professional management courses in Hospitality and Tourism has several main areas such as

  1. Hotel management
  2. Tourism management,
  3. Tourism economics & financial management,
  4. Convention and event Management,
  5. Hotel & Tourism technology management,
  6. Marketing and service quality management.

At Himalayan Institute of Technology- HIT Dehradun is best college of Hotel Management in Dehradun Uttarakhand,  we offer Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) professional degree courses  in Hospitality  and Tourism management . It is a HNBG Central University’s Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) degree program. There is a ongoing requirement of well educated workforce for this industry.

Graduate Students in Hotel management (BHM)  are highly desirable for filling up positions in managerial and professional jobs. Our students who have passed out have been placed in top 5 star properties such as JW Marriot, Taj, Shangri La, The Leela, ITC and  Oberoi  Hotels etc.

This is the most important and stable Industry as the job will never dry up where ever we have people and food. Thus it provides lasting and solid carriers with lot of financial perks .

The students who graduate from Hospitality industry will be able to enter Hotels, Restaurants and Eco tourism which has become a popular concept and avail exciting Jobs not only in India but will open doors all over the world.

we at HIT Dehradun  top Hotel Management college  of Uttarakhand we train students  in knowledge, skills and personality development apart form inter personnel communications which will help students to become confident and proficient and grow professionally in their carriers.


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